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5 Best Places to Drink Wine in Paris

IMG_7905.JPGIf you consider yourself a wine connoisseur, then undoubtedly the places to grab a glass of wine are endless in the city of Paris. Where wine is cheaper than water (literally), it’s safe to say that you’ll be having lots of it. Whether that’s your sweet white, dark red, or blend of rosé, you can count on a decent wine brand anywhere with an even exceptional view. Did I mention that plenty of Parisian restaurants have great happy hour?? Santé!

Whether you prefer an upscale atmosphere, or a laid-back local vibe, there is a place for everyone in this city.

Here is a list of our favorite spots to drink a glass of wine (or five) when you visit paris. You’re welcome.

Le Perchoir

DSC_0846-2I couldn’t save the best for last. This is ultimately our favorite rooftop bar in Paris. There are two locations of Le Perchoir – one in Oberkampf/Paramentier and one in Le Marais area. We’ve only been to one in Le Marais and can tell you the second you walk out of that elevator, you’ll instantly be mind blown by the lookout. One way, you got the Eiffel Tower from afar, and another way you got the Seine. As boujee as the views are, the drinks are decently priced for Paris. Note to all: It is always better to buy a bottle over 2 glasses of wine, it’s a better deal in the long run for your night. To top it off, there’s also a DJ playing live music and lights that surround the bar. Consider a visit here if you are into a rooftop, laid-back atmosphere. It’s one of a kind and drinking to the views of the city lights really gives you those Paris vibes!

Here’s a rare sighting of me with a glass of rosé (more of a Cab Sauv girl):DSC_0861-233 Rue de la Verrerie, 75004 Paris, France

Le Printemps

IMG_7909Le Printemps is another rooftop bar (we clearly like to be high up) that’s actually at the top floor of a mall. Getting here is fairly simple. Take the escalator all the way to the top and you’ll arrive at this indoor/outdoor bar with stunning views of the city. We actually recommend going to this place in the mid-day, as the vibe is more of a relaxed, sitting down, sippin-on-my-drink type of feel. It is ideal for a after a long day of roaming the city or shopping.

64 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris, France

Rosa Bonheur sur Seine

Rosa Bonheur Sur Seine.JPG

C’est l’heure du rose!

Fancy is being in a bar that’s on a boat…on the Seine river. So, if you want to be fancy on a boat then check this place out. It is located on the banks of the Seine, right next to the 7th Arrondissement (also known as The Invalides district). This place is the summer ideal spot for anyone who does not get seasick. Whether you want to enjoy a glass of rosé while the sun is out, or come here for a pre-drink at night, you will not be disappointed either way. Order a bottle of wine and enjoy life on the seine river.

37 quai d’Orsay, 75007, Paris, France

La Seine

EF7314C7-49F2-452E-A567-61D62666E9BBAh, the beautiful Seine. One of my favorite things about Paris is that you don’t have to constantly be on the go to fulfill your day of touring. There are so many areas you can simply sit and wine down at and still feel like you are seeing a lot – because you are. If you want to avoid the crowdedness of small Parisian bars, yet still get the same authenticity, then this is your choice. The best part about camping out here is watching all the boats pass by, people watching, and taking in all of Paris.

Parc du Champs-de-Mars

IMG_5038Okay, we lied. We actually did save the best for last. When anyone thinks of Paris, the Eiffel Tower comes to mind, and that’s because it truly is the most special landmark the city has to offer. Parc du Champs is the most ideal spot to have a picnic. Here you’ll find a variety of people. Whether that’s kids running around, lovebirds smoochin’, street sellers trying to rip you off with champagne (don’t ever buy from them BTW) or a group of gals poppin the bottle, this place shares a commonality with everyone.

For those of you ballin’ on a budget, it doesn’t take much to set-up a little picnic. We suggest going to Monoprix or Marc & Spencer’s to buy your own wine bottles, baguettes, fruit, salami & brie cheese and BAM. Your insta-worthy post is ready. Stuff your face with all these French goodies while waiting for the Eiffel Tower lights to go on.

As touristy as this place is, something about those beaming lights that spread across the city is magical that indisputably is worth seeing, especially for first-timers.

Avenue de la Motte Picquet – 75007 Paris, France

All in All..

IMG_0424And there you have it. There are endless bars with views in Paris, but the thing with this city, the second you step out you are already in a view of its own. So, get out there! Roam. I know not all of us can live the idealistic Parisian lifestyle, but the greatest thing about Paris is that you don’t have to be rich to feel rich. Simply wandering around or sitting down with a bottle of wine makes you feel richer than anyone, and that is the true beauty of this city.

Have any more suggestions or thoughts for the best places to drink wine in Paris? Comment below! We’d love to hear from you!


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