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Hi there! We are so happy you are here! We’re Miranda & Melissa – San Diego based identical twin-sister bloggers. Inspired by new places, new people, and the little things that make us happy, we created The Twins of Travel to share and document our journeys and photos across the world. It wasn’t enough to just experience it on our own but instead, we created a blog for anyone to see, share their dreams, and travel stories as well.  We hope that our site creates an online global community of travelers & lovers of life, and move others to explore the many wonders of our world.

A little bit more about us:

Digital marketers by day, bloggers by night, globe-trotter always in mind.

We are 25 years old and grew up in a small suburb called Corona in Southern California. We are first-generation with a Mexican and Salvadoran background. At 18 years old, we were the first ones in our family to move out and attend university. We moved to San Diego to attend San Diego State University (Go, Aztecs!) and graduated in May of 2018. We both have degrees in International Business – except with different language emphasis (Melissa – Spanish & Miranda – French).

As you may already know by now, we are identical twin sisters with an 8-minute difference apart (guess who’s older). A question we often get asked is, “What’s it like being a twin?” So, we’ll tell you. Being a twin is the most fortunate thing we’ve been blessed with! It really is like having your truest best friend with you at all times to laugh with, drink with, cry on, and experience just about everything together. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t fight (because we DO), but luckily for us, our sister-ship is strong enough to handle just about any argument.

Truth is, we’re pretty much each other’s soulmates.

We both share the same passion for traveling. We love everything travel – whether that’s exploring our own local neighborhood or the village of an exotic island, we are cravers of everything foreign. We couldn’t tell you an exact date when our passion for traveling was born. I guess it was something that was always a part of us, and having traveled at a young age introduced us to it.

When we are not traveling, we are working or laying on the beach in San Diego. We’re not just being biased when we say San Diego is one of the best cities to ever live in, and we’re fortunate enough to have called this place home for 5 years now.

Our other passions include photography, reading, cultures, wine, food, yoga, discovering new music, and the list just goes on. We love taking pictures of just about anything that appeals to the eye. We geek out on podcasts, read about self-love + development, and binge watch TV on the daily (Game of Thrones completes our life).

We are always on the hunt to better ourselves, both personally and professionally. We have goals that scare us to death and dreams that seem far-fetched from reality.

If we’d describe ourselves, in a nutshell, it would be that we are friendly, loyal, ambitious individuals with curious souls about the world. California has always been our home, and most likely will be when the time comes to settle down. But for now, we’re ready to travel the world, explore the unknown, and see where life takes us next.

If you’ve made it this far already, then comment below! We’d love to get to know you and thank you for stopping by The Twins of Travel.

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Miranda and Melissa

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