Birthday Surprise Setup

How to Create a Fun, Easy Birthday Set-Up for Your Loved Ones

Hi everyone! How many of you enjoy celebrating your loved ones birthdays? For us, this has been one of our most favored traditions throughout the years in college. Living with multiple girls under one household meant it was always someone’s birthday next.

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biggest lessons during self-quarantine

What We’ve Learned From Self-Quarantine So Far

It’s no doubt how difficult it has been with the pandemic disruption of our daily lives. It has consumed all of us. In self-quarantine, there hasn’t been a day without discussing the repercussions of covid-19, which are both frightening on a personal and global level.

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the twins of travel new year's resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions: A Look Back Into 2019 & Forward to 2020

Happy New Year! It has been a hectic few months, and our presence on the blog has definitely been MIA. In truth, life happened. A lot of unexpected changes occurred that kept us away and occupied. However, we are back and thought it’d be important to write a post different than our normal travel blogs. We’ve hit a new decade, which meant it was time to set meaningful new year’s resolutions for this upcoming year while individually reflecting on 2019.

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morning glory

6 Best Restaurants in Little Italy San Diego

Bonjourno! As the newest residents of Little Italy, San Diego, we are pretty stoked about living in a neighborhood that offers so much more than just fancy pasta (although that is enough for most). With views of the sparkling harbor, blocks of trendy cocktail bars, breweries, wine bars, restaurants, and boutiques to shop at, there’s something here for just about anyone. Oh, and it is also extremely pet-friendly for you dog lovers.

little italy sign

We’ve made a “reasonable” excuse to splurge money at these following places to see what they’re all about. 6 places and $$$$ later, we’ve condensed our favorite spots and are aching to share with you all! So, when you are searching for the best restaurants or things to do in San Diego, stop and read below:

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Parc de Sceaux Paris France

Hidden Gems of Paris You Won’t See in A Guidebook

When you think of Paris, what comes to mind? The Eiffel Tower? The famous Louvre? Brie and baguettes? Or is it the warm, mouth-watering chocolate croissants found at almost every street? It’s all the above.

The main attractions of Paris are enough to convince anyone to book a ticket to this romantic city. What they don’t tell you is that despite it’s high tourist attraction, this city also has hidden gems. As much as we love exploring the famous sights that make a city endearing, we are keen on discovering more of the unknown places.

So, here’s how to exceed being an average tourist and instead, explore the hidden gems of Paris.

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