Birthday Surprise Setup

How to Create a Fun, Easy Birthday Set-Up for Your Loved Ones

Hi everyone! How many of you enjoy celebrating your loved ones birthdays? For us, this has been one of our most favored traditions throughout the years in college. Living with multiple girls under one household meant it was always someone’s birthday next.

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joshua tree weekend getaway

Joshua Tree Weekend Getaway: Quarantine Style

It has been a little more than 10 weeks in quarantine until us and our roommate decided it was time to GET OUT. In early May, there were still heavy restrictions in San Diego County and hardly anywhere was open. We’ve spent the past 3 months in lockdown in our apartment, working full-time, and trying to adapt to our new lifestyle in a pandemic. We knew it was time for a weekend getaway for the sake of our sanity. We wanted to choose somewhere that still allowed us to respectfully follow social distancing rules. After a few hours of Pinterest inspo & Airbnb scrolling, we decided on Joshua Tree National Park!

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biggest lessons during self-quarantine

What We’ve Learned From Self-Quarantine So Far

It’s no doubt how difficult it has been with the pandemic disruption of our daily lives. It has consumed all of us. In self-quarantine, there hasn’t been a day without discussing the repercussions of covid-19, which are both frightening on a personal and global level.

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netflix and social distancing

What to Watch During Social Distancing

The world has been a nightmare the past few months, and most especially in the recent weeks due to the unprecedented outbreak of COVID-19. With federal and local governments imposing travel bans, limiting social gatherings up to 10 people, and closing all nonessential public entities in California, social distancing is in full effect.

It’s no question we are all struggling to keep ourselves entertained indoors. So, what are we doing while? If you’re guessing sitting on the couch, drinking wine, and binge watching tv all day, you’re absolutely right.

With so many shows out there on different streaming channels,it’s hard to condense everything we watch into one post. Instead, we’ll be sharing what we are currently watching and what we think is worthwhile. Friends and family like to say we are harsh critics when it comes to music, movies, and tv shows but we like to call it “having good taste.”

Let’s cut to it. Here’s what to watch during social distancing

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