Upper East Side, New York City

3 Reasons Why to Sublease in NYC

Hi, hello! Thanks for being here. Our presence on the blog has been absent, but that’s because we recently moved to New York City 6 weeks ago! If we could describe how our experience has been these past few weeks, it is nothing short of thrilling, busy, and a complete whirlwind of change. One thing that has made this complete life change a bit easier was our decision to sublease in NYC prior to getting our own apartment.

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joshua tree weekend getaway

Joshua Tree Weekend Getaway: Quarantine Style

It has been a little more than 10 weeks in quarantine until us and our roommate decided it was time to GET OUT. In early May, there were still heavy restrictions in San Diego County and hardly anywhere was open. We’ve spent the past 3 months in lockdown in our apartment, working full-time, and trying to adapt to our new lifestyle in a pandemic. We knew it was time for a weekend getaway for the sake of our sanity. We wanted to choose somewhere that still allowed us to respectfully follow social distancing rules. After a few hours of Pinterest inspo & Airbnb scrolling, we decided on Joshua Tree National Park!

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NYC Rockefeller Rooftop

Weekend Getaway: 3 Days in New York City

New York City. The ultimate city that never sleeps, the city with all of the lights, the city we all dream about from movies. If you’re like us and grew up watching Gossip Girl or Sex & the City as your girly guilty pleasure, then NYC was always on top of your list of places to visit. This city is home to thousands of the coolest restaurants, hip bars, museums, landmarks, and the list drags on. The number of things (yes, free too) you could do here are endless.


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Whistler Canada

7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Backpacking as a Woman

As women — especially being one of those who craves the outdoors, possesses a naturally adventurous spirit, and has no problem getting down and dirty with nature — it’s inevitable to feel like we constantly have something to prove.

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