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Joshua Tree Weekend Getaway: Quarantine Style

It has been a little more than 10 weeks in quarantine until us and our roommate decided it was time to GET OUT. In early May, there were still heavy restrictions in San Diego County and hardly anywhere was open. We’ve spent the past 3 months in lockdown in our apartment, working full-time, and trying to adapt to our new lifestyle in a pandemic. We knew it was time for a weekend getaway for the sake of our sanity. We wanted to choose somewhere that still allowed us to respectfully follow social distancing rules. After a few hours of Pinterest inspo & Airbnb scrolling, we decided on Joshua Tree National Park!

None of us have been before so we thought it was the perfect opportunity. Unfortunately, Joshua Tree national park is still closed due to COVID-19. However if you are just looking for a safe change of scenery and a mental reset, head on over to the desert. 

unloading car We knew our options on what to do there would be limited, so we came up with a few fun ideas to keep us occupied indoors while still being able to enjoy weekend getaway! At last, it was a good, memorable weekend 🙂 Here’s how we spent our Joshua Tree weekend getaway.

Book a Desert-Style Airbnb

Although we would’ve much rather camped to get the full J-Tree experience, it just was not possible this time around. So we chose the next best thing: choosing a desert-style Airbnb. We wanted a home abode that had rustic charm, but didn’t lack comfortability. It didn’t take long to be sold on Maggie’s Joshua Tree Copper Cabin on Airbnb. It was super clean, privately gated, and had outdoor space with a table and campfire. It also had the charm and style we all admire in a home. Here’s the link to the Airbnb: 

joshua tree air bnb

Make Them Aperol Spritz

what to do in joshua tree

If you’ve exhausted bottomless mimosas and want a somewhat more hydrating drink, Aperol Spritz is it. An aperol spritz is probably the most idyllic and aesthetically pleasing summer drink. Not to mention it’s pretty refreshing! If you’re sold, here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Aperol: sold at any wine and liquor store
  2. Prosecco champagne: sold at any grocery store, wine, liquor store
  3. Club soda: any grocery store
  4. Oranges: this is optional

The ingredients are simple, so we definitely eyeballed the amount of prosecco and aperol we were putting in our drinks. If you’re looking for a more calculated way of making your drink, here’s a step by step guide!

joshua tree weekend getaway

Açaí Bowls

Another favorite treat on a hot summer day is açaí bowls. Since every business was closed, we had to DIY it. We must say, it turned out better than expected! You can buy frozen açaí at any grocery store, we got ours at Trader Joes. Once the acaí thawed,we added agave, granola, and blueberries. Simple. Voila.

Dinner Under the Stars

As people that love to eat, you can bet we spent a lot of time planning out our breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. We definitely got lazy and settled on a DiGiorno’s oven pizza on our first night lol, but made up with it on Saturday by making homemade tacos. For the past few months, we’ve been using HelloFresh meal delivery service to explore different recipes! For our Joshua Tree weekend getaway we made the “Pork poblano tacos” and ate under the stars. It was a highlight of our trip, one that we appreciated greatly since we don’t see stars this clear in San Diego.

joshua tree weekend

If any of you are interested in HelloFresh, get $40 off your first order using this code:

Good Tunes

What’s a trip to the desert without some good tunes? nothing. Music is our passion and therapy, so we couldn’t leave this out on our Joshua Tree weekend getaway. We luckily have a portable-type of Crosley record player that we brought with us ; along with Leon Bridges and Durand Jones & The Indications vinyls to really set the vibe.

joshua tree airbnb

Laying Out in the Desert Sun

Our expectations on what to do on our Joshua Tree weekend getaway weekend were minimal. All we really wanted was a nice escape from our tiny apartment, a place to mentally reset, and for us to enjoy the simple things. It was a hot weekend in the high 90s, so we spent a good amount of time laying out in the desert sun.

princess polly swimwear
Our Joshua Tree Weekend Getaway

Although we were not able to explore the eclectic desert town of Joshua Tree or go on any famous hikes, it was still a memorable experience. With everything currently going on in the world, life has felt like a nightmare these past couple of months. Joshua Tree gave us the little escape we all desperately needed.

We’ll definitely be back for ya soon, J-Tree.


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