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Why We Are Leaving San Diego for New York City

It is truly a bittersweet feeling to announce that we are officially leaving San Diego, California. A city that has given us so much: lifelong friendships, professional opportunities, bomb Mexican food, and overall contentment.

Windansea beach
We are so fortunate to have called San Diego home for the past 6 years. From starting out in the city attending college at San Diego State University to post-grad life, there really wasn’t a better city to transition into adulthood. It was the city that gave us the perfect balance of being far enough from home to live on our own, but also close enough to drive up home for the weekend if we needed a break. That balance truly allowed us the opportunity to grow, learn, and figure things out entirely on our own. 

Like the common saying, all things must come to an end. We often get asked (and even question ourselves) why would we ever leave a city as great as San Diego? It has the city lifestyle that’s way more relaxed than Los Angeles, and with much less traffic. It has perfect weather all year round, close proximity to Mexico, beach and city life… Do we need to say more?

torrey pines glider pointHere are our reasons why we are leaving San Diego for New York City.

Drawn to City Life

In simplest forms, we love city life. We are drawn to the hustle-bustle of NYC and the metropolitanism of it. Being exposed to that lifestyle when studying abroad in Europe, gave us a taste of what we are in for. There’s no question that NYC is not San Diego. We are not naive to the fact that it will kick our ass and test our valley girl personas to the fullest limit. Moving to a new city without a car and with far less personal items will teach us to live more minimally, a lifestyle we are looking to adapt into.

On another note, walking and relying entirely on public transpo may teach us a thing or two about having patience ;).

empire state buildingbiking in central parkMeeting Like-Minded People

We’re glad to say San Diego has introduced us to some of the greatest people. Some we’ve had the pleasure of knowing in college, and others we can say are lifelong friendships. Now that we are two years out of college, it isn’t unusual to lose contact with a lot of people, which in our case, happened. Moving to a new city like New York will give us a chance to meet new like-minded people. The older we get, the more we realize how important it is to create relationships with people that share the same values, interests, and ideologies as us.

However, we are excited to meet all types of people from different walks of life in a diversified place like New York City.

mr purple nycProfessional Opportunities

Of course, one of our biggest reasons for relocating to the city are the endless opportunities for our professional paths, whatever that may be. With a city of 8 million residents, there’s no doubt the amount of networking that’s possible there. More importantly, it is the type of city where you can truly make something of yourself, as cliché as that sounds. We’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit to us, and are excited to venture out into some more personal endeavors when the timing is right. 

Being in our 20’s is such a weird, complicated time where failures will happen, especially in a city as competitive as New York. However, we aren’t afraid of taking risks nor are we of failing. Everything we encounter can be a humbling, learning experience for us. With that said, we are excited to see what our future holds including the good, the bad, and the ugly.

mr purple nyc rooftop

New Environment, New Change

Lastly, we’ve been longing for a new change of scenery for a while now, as mentioned in our NYE goal post. We always knew 2020 was going to be the year where we’d make a big change. There’s nothing quite as scary yet at the same as refreshing than to leave a place where so much of our lives have been established. There is a lot of comfort in familiarity when settling somewhere for awhile; knowing what we were going to do in the upcoming weekends and knowing who we were going to hangout with. While all that is good and reassuring, it made us crave something different, something outside of our norms. With that said, the thought of basically “starting over” is so appealing to us and that drove our desire to move to the city further.

dumbo brooklynIn some ways, we are restless by nature. We are always thinking about the next thing, and the next, and so on. While that sometimes can be unhealthy, it’s what truly fuels us to achieve everything we set our mind to.We are drawn to stepping out of our comfort zones and being thrown into something new. Living by the FITFO (figure it the fuck out) mentality, makes us feel ready to continue paving our unknown future while challenging ourselves in ways we haven’t yet before.

Although we are sad to move far from so many of our amazing friends, family, and Leo, the amount of support we’ve received gives us peace with our decision as to why we are leaving San Diego for New York City. Life’s too short to question and ponder every decision, so instead, we are just going for it without looking back.

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