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Our 23rd Birthday at Four Moons Spa

We’ve finally hit the age where we ran out of ideas for our birthday celebrations. I mean, let’s face it, how many times can you do a birthday bash in Vegas without getting burnt out? Chances are high, and the older we get, the worse our hangovers get, unfortunately.

For our 23rd birthday (that’ll take some getting used to), we wanted to do something different than how we would usually celebrate. The norm would consist of indeed a weekend in Vegas frolicking around in bikinis and heels over the blazing sun. That sounded exhausting, and quite frankly, a peaceful birthday hangover-free sounded pretty ideal to us.

Ok, granted we did take our birthday shots, drank mimosas over brunch, and hit the club to see Lil Jon the night before so I guess the birthday requirements were checked off. Here’s how we spent an entire day of beauty and wellness at the spa:

Stay Wild Moon Child _ Four Moons Spa

Four Moons Spa

Four Moons Spa Entrance_The Twins of Travel

If you haven’t already heard of this place, do yourself a favor and look it up. Four Moons Spa is a wellness + healing spa located in Encinitas, California. A spa that prides itself in beauty, wellness, healing…they do not disappoint! We first came across this place on Instagram and instantly fell in love. The Balinese aesthetic of this spa was appealing to us, but what really drew us in was the healing aspect of it. You are first greeted onto the exterior spa filled with cabanas, colorful plants, a koi pond, and strung overhead lights that makes it feel like heaven on Earth.  It’s a space of positive energy that immediately sets you into a state of tranquility.

Four Moons Spa Encinitas CA

It not only offers facials and massages but goes beyond your average spa. With services in yoga, astrology reading, spirit reading, energy mastery services, there’s something here for anyone looking for some type of self-care treatment. We knew this would be an experience we couldn’t miss out on.

 Mellow Moon Package

Four Moons Massage_Four Moons Spa_The Twins of Travel

After doing some research and asking locals who have been there, we decided to try the Mellow Moon package. This spa package included a 60 minute Four Moons body massage following a 60 minute Moon facial. Four Moons Spa uses organic ingredients for their facials and massages. This was ideal for us since we struggle with sensitive skin. It is priced at $225, which is on the pricier side than what we would normally pay. Given that it was our birthday weekend, we justified the splurge which we can say now, was well worth it. However, they have other packages if you’re interested in exploring more options.

Each treatment room is sectioned off which made it feel very private and like your own experience. The heated beds, the peaceful + mindful music, and the scent of lavender essential oil all added an extra element of relaxation.

Our Experience

Four Moons Spa Experience_The Twins of Travel

We’ve gotten plenty of Thai-style massages, but were new to the facial game. Our experience getting a Four moon massage following a facial was the ultimate self-care regime we could imagine. Each of our estheticians was incredibly kind. The first question the massage therapist asked us was, “how is your body feeling today?” Our paused responses reminded us that we don’t spend enough time thinking about our mind and body. It was a wake-up call that our bodies needed the treatment it was getting. They checked in with us throughout the sessions to make sure we were enjoying every minute of it.

During the facial, the esthetician vocalized every ingredient she was putting on our faces. We felt reassured knowing that every ingredient added to our skin was natural and serving a greater purpose.

After we both finished our facials and massages, we were given hot lavender tea, almonds, and raisins. They walked us to the koi pond area and told us to sit down and just relax.

For constant thinkers like us, the term relaxing does not come easy for us considering we are always doing something and have the on-the-go lifestyle. This type of lifestyle has worsened our anxiety, so it was a relieving moment being in a peaceful state of mind.

It was the perfect balance of relaxing and feeling inspired. It’s quite strange that we feel the most at ease when we are physically relaxed but mentally challenged. Somehow feeling physically calm allows our energy to focus on new ideas, thoughts, and gets our creative juices flowing. Luckily, we brought our journals and began jotting down everything that came to mind.

Before our spa day came to an end, we explored their boutique located indoor which included a variety of local artisan craft, clothing, decor pieces, and their facial/massage products for purchase.


Four Moons Spa left us feeling spiritual, relaxed, and blissful. It is truly a breathing escape that offers something for everyone. Practicing self-care doesn’t require any money. It can be as simple as taking a walk around your neighborhood to recharge. However, if you’re looking to treat yourself at an exceptional spa filled with wellness and healing feeling serene, then take a day visiting Four Moons Spa. The place is charming, and the variety of services offered is the perfect relaxing day for you and your friend!


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  1. Tiffany

    Wow, love the pictures! Looks like a place I need to visit. Thanks for sharing.


    1. The Twins of Travel

      Hi Tiffany,
      Thank you! We loved the place, hope you can check it out soon 🙂



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