biggest lessons during self-quarantine

What We’ve Learned From Self-Quarantine So Far

It’s no doubt how difficult it has been with the pandemic disruption of our daily lives. It has consumed all of us. In self-quarantine, there hasn’t been a day without discussing the repercussions of covid-19, which are both frightening on a personal and global level.

However, in times of confinement we find ourselves appreciating all the things we do still have rather than bitching about the things we currently don’t have. This made us wonder what are our biggest lessons during self-quarantine are. Don’t get us wrong, being in quarantine for four weeks now has been tough, and it definitely  comes with those days. Those days of loneliness and unfulfillment. Those days where we are highly craving human interaction, the simplicity of dining out with friends or getting the brows done (RIP to these arch-less bushy brows). Most of all, just the days of being able to enjoy fresh air outside without the heavily conscious thought to stand 6 ft away from someone.

More so, it’s important to look at the bigger picture. We know our current situation is out of our control. Although we feel the effects of the pandemic, we are the fortunate ones in the situation to not see it day by day. With that said, we’ve realized it has been such a privilege to only be asked to stay at home while all essential workers are holding us all together and saving lives.

With the privilege of staying safe at home, we use this time as an opportunity to test ourselves, reconnect with things we’ve lost in our normal routined lives. Here are our biggest lessons during self-quarantine:

1.Keeping Ourselves Disciplined

It’s really unclear how long self-quarantine and social distancing will be. With this time inside, we find keeping ourselves disciplined is helping us remain grounded. We do this by setting clear goals of what we want to accomplish with our day. It can be as simple as getting all of our laundry done or attempting to cook a new meal we haven’t made yet. However big or small it is, the satisfaction of completion is a good feeling – which we all need in these times!

2.Reconnecting and Continuing the Things We Love

Has anyone else found themselves reconnecting with old habits during self-quarantine? It has been a joy to reconnect with things we used to love doing on a daily basis, but lost time due to adulthood. Some of our things we’ve been doing often are:

  • Reading: reading has hands down become the most therapeutic part of our days. It’s been nice escaping the reality we are living in and getting lost into the stories we’re reading. Happy to report we’ve been keeping our NYE goal and reading at least one book a month! (blog post coming soon!)
  • Journaling: we find ourselves late at night with heavy thoughts about what is going on. Writing/typing them down when they’re the most alive in your mind is extremely helpful in understanding how covid-19 is mentally affecting us.
  • Cleaning: we wouldn’t call this a “thing we love” lol but we both admit cleaning is therapeutic for us and makes us feel in order. Try it and see 😉
  • Creating Mood-Specific Playlists on Spotify: There’s nothing more fulfilling than finding a song you have on repeat, and finding other songs to match that same mood. It’s the simple pleasures. Check out our latest playlist obsession HERE.
  • Watching a Lot of TV: there’s no better time than now. If you are in need of a new show, read about what we are watching during social distancing.
  • Zoom Dates! We are missing our people! In times of social distancing, scheduling zoom dates with loved ones are so fun and a good way to take up a lot of time. Make that calendar invite, pour that wine, and get online.
  • Online Yoga Classes: Being unable to attend our yoga studios on the daily has been the most difficult adjustment in self-quarantine. We are so incredibly grateful for so many studios offering free IG live workouts everyday! Some of our faves are Sami Clarke workouts and sculpt classes at YogaBox. Check them out on Instagram!

3. Managing Negative Thoughts and Feelings

It has been a stressful and unusual time for all of us. It’s normal to be feeling lonely, anxious, and depressed about the reality of our situation. We’ve learned to not see these feelings as emotional burdens, and instead are growing comfortable with them. If you’re feeling this way as well, it’s important to know that none of us are alone with this and it’s something we are all dealing with.

Our online yoga sculpt teacher, Keira, said something during a live session that really resonated with us. She said, “When we get out of this, what do you want to remember about what you did during this time?” we saw this in ways that are applicable to everyone:

  • Use this time as an opportunity to grow. Challenge yourself in things you haven’t done yet. There’s no reason to hold back, especially now.
  • This doesn’t mean it has to be big. Our time in quarantine is not a competition of productivity. No one cares about how many things you accomplish in one day. What really matters is what YOU are doing to get yourself through this day by day. There is no “right” way of accomplishing quarantine, but rather just creating habits that are getting you by during this hard time.

& that’s exactly what we’ll do. We hope you enjoyed reading about our biggest lessons during self-quarantine, and that you all are staying safe, healthy, and strong during these difficult times. The Twins of Travel is always an open door.



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