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Paris france Things to do in Paris, France

Are you traveling to Paris, France any time soon? Is it your first time visiting Paris, France?

Well you’re in luck! After living in Paris for seven months and visiting several times, we’ve decided to make a simple break down guide of all the spots to check out.


  • Les Catacombes de Paris (underground one that holds the remains of more than six million people)
  • Le Louvre (obviously, a must)
  • Musée de l’orangerie
  • Musée de la vie romantique
  • Picasso Museum
  • Musee d’orsay
  • Musee de Rodin
  • Monet museum
  • Musee jacquemart andre
  • Museum of natural history 


  • Champ De Mars (eiffel tower park); I always went to a grocery store (Franprix, monoprix, or Marks & Spencers) and would grab a bottle of wine, brie cheese, baguette, and snacks and have a picnic at the eiffel tower until it lit up
  • Parc De Sceaux- little bit outside of Paris (15 minutes on the RER) , but so worth it see our Hidden Gems of Paris blog to read more about this parc.
  •  Parc Monceau
  • Parc de la villette
  • Parc des bottes chaumont

Extra Things to do/walk by: 

  • Palace of Versailles (an absolute must)
  • Visit “Montemarte” considered Old Paris where the “Sacre Coeur” and “Moulin Rouge” area is (best during sunset time)
  • Climb the eiffel tower (11 euros; so worth the wait)
  • Climb the Arc de triomphe (heads up so many stairs)
  • Get macaroons at Laduree or Pierre Herme
  • Go on a boat ride (“Bateaux Mouches”) its an 1 hour boat ride all over the Seine River, pretty way to see all of Paris its $13 euros (price is subject to change)
  • Get ice cream on Berthillon on Saint-Louis
  • Wall of love in montmartre
  • Les Invalides
  • Au Vieux d’arcole (latin quarter)
  • Merci (red car) also a clothing store and a book cafe
  • Jardin du Luxembourg (good people watching park)
  • Jardin des Tuileries (forever my favorite park)
  • Sainte-Chapelle
  • Place Des Vosges (Victor Hugo)(Le Marais)
  • Passage des Panoramas (If you’re bored and want to explore non-touristy stuff)
  • Palais Garnier (Opera House)
  • Conciergerie (place de châtlet); have a beer right on the seine where the beer stands are
  • Tour MontParnasse (views for days)

Cool streets:

  • Rue Cremieux (where all the colorful houses are)
  • Rue Thermopyles
  • Rue MontorGueil
  • Rue Saint denis (very hip area with bars and cool vintage thrift stores)
  • Rue Cler (best crepes)
  • Rue Rivoli (tons of shops)
  • Champ-Elysees (all the shops)
  • Latin Quarter (right next to Notre Dame)
  • Châtlet area (tons of bars and shops)
  • Bastille area (Rue de Lappe, full of fun bars) 


  •  Holybelly (order the savory stack, its the best)
  • Twinkie Breakfast
  • Paperboy (brunch is a fixed rate of 25 euros; includes drink, meal, and a dessert)
  • Cafe Oberkampf
  • Benedict (more upscale)
  • Breakfast in America
  • Pancake Sisters
  • Eggs & co
  • Le Bal Cafe

Cute Coffee shops:

  • Le Malabar
  • Ob-la-di
  • Merci Used Book Cafe
  • Kosi
  • Coutume
  • Folks and Sparrows
  • The Broken Arm
  • Fragments
  • Ten Belles
  • Le Bal Cafe
  • Steel
  • Boot cafe


  • If you want the best sandwich of your life: Go to Chez Alain Miam Miam” ALWAYS a long line but Alain makes the sandwiches so fresh and its bomb
  • Odette- for cookies, desserts
  • Le Tambour
  • Le Consult (montemarte)
  • L’eclair de Genie (best desserts for eclairs)
  • Cafe Castel (good les escargots, reasonably priced & close to the eiffel tower)
  • Bouillon Chartier (amazing french food and so reasonably priced)
  • El Guacamole (if you’re craving mexican food in Paris)
  • Les Fabricants (cool area, cheap food, and filling)
  • L’isotto (italian food) In Latin Quarter
  • Crêpes from crépuscule or La Creme de Paris
  • Alma Chimney Cake Factory (cool desserts)
  • Bob’s Juice Bar (pressed juicery)
  • Pink flamingo (pizza)
  • L’alcazar (dinner)
  • Obermama (pizza & italian)(hip decor inside; MAKE A RESERVATION)
  • Small Tiles
  • Season (healthy)
  • Soul Kitchen (organic, healthy shit) 
  • Cafe Marlette
  • Cafe de flore
  • Nanashi (japanese, cool interior)
  • Les Deux Magots (just take a pic of the outside since it’s cute but $$$)


Happy Hour saved us; drinks are usually 4-6 euros and its usually 3pm -10pm or some places midnight. Take advantage of it! 

  • Yellow Mad monkey (if you order jager bombs, they will light the bar table on fire)
  • Cafe oz (also club)
  • Rosa Bonheur sur seine (expensive but its on the seine on a BOAT)
  • O’sullivans on grand boulevard (fun irish pub)
  • Little Red Door (interesting bar, you walk in, choose an art card, and whichever art card you pick will be your drink, its a surprise) –
  • Le Perchoir in La Marais (rooftop bar)(AMAZING VIEWS)
  • Belushi’s (If you’re looking for an american bar, live music, and cheap drinks)
  • Bastille area (streets of bars) Rue de Lappe (street name)
  • Buddha Bar
  • Ze Cafe (play american bangers)
  • California Avenue and all those pubs on Rue Saint Denis in “Châtlet area” tons of young people


Do not wear tennis shoes or flip flops, you will not get in.

Don’t go until 2am, there is ALWAYS a cover charge (Its Paris usually 20 euros) and if you can get a promoter, do it so you won’t have to pay for entrance or drinks.

  • Queen (all time favorite, so nice, plays american music)
  • Heritage (also really fun)(has a cute bed in the basement – “instagrammable spot”
  • Vip Room
  • Le Dupleix (four story club)
  • Titty Twister (lounge bar club type)
  • Hobo club
  • Showcase (GO ONLY if you like house music)
  • Concrete (only house music, tons of locals, if you’re looking to meet young french people)
  • L’eden
  • L’arc (fancy af, hard to get in without a promoter)
  • Wanderlust (two story club on the seine river, again, only go if you like house music) 

See Hidden Gems of Paris You Won’t Find in a Guidebook and 5 Best Places to Drink Wine in Paris for more!

For any other tips on how to get around, french tips, or anything about Paris don’t hesitate to ask us 🙂

things to do in paris france

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