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What to Watch During Social Distancing

The world has been a nightmare the past few months, and most especially in the recent weeks due to the unprecedented outbreak of COVID-19. With federal and local governments imposing travel bans, limiting social gatherings up to 10 people, and closing all nonessential public entities in California, social distancing is in full effect.

It’s no question we are all struggling to keep ourselves entertained indoors. So, what are we doing while? If you’re guessing sitting on the couch, drinking wine, and binge watching tv all day, you’re absolutely right.

With so many shows out there on different streaming channels,it’s hard to condense everything we watch into one post. Instead, we’ll be sharing what we are currently watching and what we think is worthwhile. Friends and family like to say we are harsh critics when it comes to music, movies, and tv shows but we like to call it “having good taste.”

Let’s cut to it. Here’s what to watch during social distancing

1.High Fidelity

Two words: Zoë Kravitz. If that doesn’t already want to make you watch, then reconsider. 

To give you some background, High Fidelity is a remake of the 2000 original film with John Cusack.The show is centered in Brooklyn, NYC around a struggling record-store owner named Rob who is dealing with a real heartbreak. Throughout the show Rob is reflecting on her past relationships and most recent heartbreak. So, yeah, it’s an easy and enjoyable show to watch with a killer soundtrack. Watch on Hulu!

Inspired by High Fidelity’s soundtrack, check our latest spotify playlist here.

2. The Morning Show

This Morning Show took us by surprise and ended up being better than we expected. It stars Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Anniston, and Steve Carell and it’s based on true events that happened on NBC’s morning show with Matt Lauer. In just 10 episodes, it gives an inside look of the daily production of the Morning Show, while unraveling the sexual harassment and misconduct of Mitch Kessler’s (Steve Carell) character. After the first few episodes, the show becomes hard-hitting with the #metoo movement, the toxic culture in a news workplace, and how turning a blind eye with sexual harassment destroys lives. The ending was also a big twist and Jennifer Anniston won a Sag award for her amazing performance. Watch on Apple TV! (We did the free 7 day trial then cancelled after lol).

3. Little Fires Everywhere

Hulu released 3 episodes this past week and of course we watched in one sitting. We are hooked! This show is based on an original book that we’d like to read now. It stars once again,  Reese Witherspoon (she is killin it) and Kerry Washington, centered on two types of families: a picture-perfect, successful household and a single artistic mother/daughter moving into a new city, struggling to make ends meet. Won’t give too much away but so far the show is evoking and based on society’s real issues on racism and stereotyping. Watch on Hulu!

4. Narcos

Although we like our romantic comedies and dramas, we are the most interested in violent and graphic shows. We’ve been following the Narcos series since Pablo Escobar’s initial season. All of the seasons are based on true events of the narco drug wars, which can be entertaining but also heavy. The newer seasons revolve around Sinaloa’s cartels in Mexico and the conflicts they face with law enforcement. Anyways, if you are down to watch an action Spanish series about the most notorious drug dealers and the war on drugs, give this show a watch! It’s also got the best theme song.

5. Peaky Blinders

Save the best for last! We mean it. If Peaky Blinders isn’t on your show radar, then we’re curious to know what is? Lol. This show is our FAVORITE Netflix original. It’s set in post Great War time, centered around Thomas Shelby (aka the best part of the show), and his family of criminal gangs in Birmingham, England. Although the Peaky Blinders are criminals and are violent, the show has dark, underlying meanings to the characters, especially Thomas Shelby. Overall, the show is beautifully directed with a great screenplay and soundtrack. Watch it! We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Tip watch with subtitles. They’ve got some thick accents!

Wrap Up

Well, there you have it. These are our picks of what to watch during social distancing, but we know we are missing other great shows!  We hope you give these a try and it makes your quarantine days a little more enjoyable. Now, we would love to hear your suggestions on what to watch for us! Leave them below in the comments. 

Oh, and no, we will not watch Love is Blind 😉

The Twins of Travel xx

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